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Armadillo Series Armored Doors

March 14, 2022

At Armored Doors, our team is committed to providing high-caliber security doors that align seamlessly with original designs and architectural plans. Our security solutions are centered on sophistication, offering nearly indestructible protection against weaponized attacks and break-ins alike.

Whether you’re seeking to reinforce your properties with more secure entryways after an incident or develop an ultra-secure building throughout the building process, our team is here to support you.

Armadillo series consists of four security door models: Classic, Deluxe, Premium, and Supreme, designed for properties ranging from medium to very high risk of burglary.

Here are some of the unique features of Armadillo series security doors:

    · Multi-point locking system, up to 22 locking points all around the door leaf available.

    · Armored locks covered with double drill resistant manganese plates.

    · Adjustable ball-bearing security hinges, repeatedly tested for 200 000 cycles – open and close, equivalent to 40 years of normal use.

    · Exceptional sound and heat insulation as a result of a 2” layer of rock wool filling throughout the whole door leaf and frame.

    · Resistant to forced entry with heavy-duty ramming tools, sledgehammers, axes, crowbars in addition to electric machinery.  

    · Handgun or rifle bulletproof options available.

    · Burglary and bulletproof glazing options are available virtually in any shape, size, or design.

    · Galvanised steel structure bent to “L” shape in order to preserve the strength of the steel.

    · Custom-tailored decorative engineered wood panels with a life expectancy of up to 60 years, low maintenance, and with an unlimited range of architectural designs and like for like replica options.

    · Most advanced motorized locking systems with keyless entry options including biometric readers, keypads, smartphone applications, and the possibility to connect with smart home systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or the estimate for a project and we’ll be happy to help.