Bullet Proof Windows

Along with our extensive range of security doors, we design and manufacture custom-tailored steel security windows for residential and commercial properties. We offer the broadest range of security windows available in the market today, from historical replicas to modern designs. Specify a single or double-hung sash, or casement window, Armored Doors has got you covered. Steel windows feature the design benefits of a wooden window plus the many benefits of a steel window which include burglary and bullet resistance, noise reduction, thermal, water, and wind insulation. 

These unique high-security windows can be modified to meet the precise requirements of your project, in terms of size, shape, or security grade. Every window we produce is integrated with a multi-point locking system and it has the same heavy-duty steel frame as our doors, giving you the security you require without compromising on beauty and design.

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Important Features:

• A comprehensive system that includes burglar-proof or bulletproof glass, frame, and trims

• Completely customizable in any size, shape, or design

• Exact design replication, even for historic landmarks

• Wide range of opening styles and inward and outward configurations

• Clear visibility through burglar-proof or bulletproof glass due to consistent index of refraction accuracy

• Argon gas thermal layer to exceed U-value requirements

• Strong and durable materials for long-lasting performance

• Minimal maintenance required

• Easy to install and retrofit into existing structures

• Multi-point locking system for optimal security

Security Windows

Unmatched Security with Custom Glass

Our custom-made security glass options offer a perfect blend of security, style, and versatility. Ranging from sledgehammer-resistant P6B to UL level 8, capable of stopping bullets from powerful rifles like AK-47 and M16, each piece is designed to fit your home's unique shape while ensuring maximum protection.

Glass protection level ratings:

• Impact-resistant, capable of withstanding blows from a sledgehammer or axe (P6B & P8B)

• Bulletproof, capable of stopping bullets from powerful handguns and rifles (UL Level 3 & 8)

1: A determined man vigorously attacks our burglary-resistant window with an axe, highlighting the exceptional strength and security features of our armored windowsA man shooting an automatic rifle at our bulletproof window, showcasing the strength and security of our armored windows

Elevate Your Space with Custom Glass Designs

Armored Doors' high security windows can have any appearance you choose. They are designed to coordinate with our doors while maintaining the theme of discreet security and attractive aesthetics. We offer a range of glass design options including frosted, etched, and beveled. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect glass design to add sophistication to your home or office.

Advantages of High-Security Windows

High security windows are the ultimate solution for those who want to enhance their security, both at home and in the workplace. These windows are made of the highest quality materials and are built to last, providing unrivaled durability and resistance to damage. In addition, they are designed to be incredibly energy efficient, which translates into substantial savings on heating and cooling bills. With their outstanding features and unbeatable performance, high security windows is an investment that is not only smart but also guarantees peace of mind.

Seamless Installation of Pre-Assembled Security and Ballistic Windows

Our bulletproof window systems for residential properties are meticulously put together by a seasoned team with a deep understanding of ballistic systems. Their expertise results in thorough testing and precise assembly, ensuring top-notch quality and hassle-free installation of the windows. To streamline the process even further, we've pre-assembled all of our bulletproof windows and incorporated handy features like built-in steel shims into the frame. This makes it simple for local contractors with basic window installation knowledge to install these highly secure systems.

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