Q. How long to design a custom security door?

 A. Our design team normally turns around shop drawings within 2 to 5 business days after order confirmation.


 Q. How long to manufacture a custom security door?

 A. Our security doors are entirely made to order and build from square one. This way we can assure that the door suits all of your requirements to properly match your home’s aesthetic and architecture. To manufacture a custom security door typically takes 6 to 8 weeks after drawing confirmation.


 Q. How do I get pricing?

 A: You can get pricing by contacting us via email, live chat, or telephone. Simply contact us with your design, size, and other specifications directly or you can submit a “Request Pricing” request here.

 Q. How long does shipping take?

 A. Our security doors are manufactured in Europe, every single component along with cladding panels, hardware, locks, and biometric readers are also produced all over Europe. Therefore, shipping directly to the client takes 2 weeks for air freight or 4-7 weeks for ocean freight.

 Q. Are there many door styles? 

 A. Yes, we have many standard design templates including traditional and contemporary designs on top of that we can replicate virtually any door design from any architectural period, just simply sent us an image or architect drawings, and our design team will provide you with detailed design drawing for approval prior the production.

 Q. Where can I find what sizes a specific door is available in?

 A. Our security doors can be built in any size or shape. Simply indicate the specific size needed when contacting us directly.

 Q. Do exterior doors swing in or out?

 A: Armored Doors can swing in and out without impacting their security properties or functionality.

 Q. Can I get my door pre-hung?

 A. Yes, all of our doors come pre-hung. Every door set includes the door frame, security locks, hardware, and it's ready to be installed into the structural opening.

 Q. Where do I find hardware?

 A. We will provide you with an extensive list of standard hardware selection which is included in the door price as well as the premium designer-made options to choose from.