Custom Security Doors

Armadillo Series consists of four security door models: Classic, Deluxe, Premium and Supreme, designed for properties ranging from medium to very high risk of burglary.

Armadillo Supreme

Armadillo Premium

Armadillo Deluxe

Armadillo Classic

Our expertly crafted custom steel security doors provide unparalleled strength while being offered in a wide variety of designs and styles. Our beautiful styles cater to any design brief, from historic buildings to new builds and modern apartments. Our designs are manufactured to exact standards and of the highest quality. You don’t compromise on style, and we never compromise on security.

A high-quality steel security door is the most advanced door solution available on the market today. Steel doors feature the design benefits of a wooden door plus the many benefits of a steel door which include burglary and bullet resistance, fire resistance, noise reduction, and thermal, water, and wind insulation.

Armored Doors now gives those with historic homes and buildings the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of steel doors. You can now have the security and insulation of steel doors without compromising on historic requirements. Armored Doors is able to design and build steel door solutions that perfectly match the exact details of your historic building. Whether it is a historic replica or a custom design and build, Armored Doors utilizes state-of-the-art technology and years of engineering experience to bring your unique design to life.

We take pride in every custom security door we produce, using only the highest quality materials such as galvanized solid steel and engineered wood panels. Choose panels of glass to allow natural light into your home, then add sleek hardware to complement your home's aesthetic. With a variety of color options to choose from, you will be certain to find a door that is perfect for your space.

Glazed armored doors brighten a room and transform a space, filling it with natural light. Our glazed security doors feature a wide range of forced entry and bulletproof glass options, giving you the security you require without compromising on beauty and design.

Our steel security doors that are encased with natural wood panels offer the best of both worlds: all of the benefits of a steel door with the elegance and authentic look of natural wood. A variety of wood types are available, including oak, walnut, and mahogany. All wood is sourced from forests that are 100% replanted and has FSC certification.

Armored Doors are also ideal for commercial and retail environments, offering the ultimate security solution that also matches your design surroundings. Our commercial doors, built from the highest quality durable materials, are built to last.

All doors come pre-hung in a steel frame with multipoint locks and hardware and can be installed by a general contractor. They are available as interior or exterior doors, making them usable as any door in the home or office.

Sourcing the highest quality locks available in the market, Armored Doors offers a wide range of lock installations including biometric and electronic locks. With the option to choose motorized or manually operated locks, plus a number of other key options, Armored Doors are designed to offer ease of use combined with the highest level of security.