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Lobby Entrance Security Doors

January 15, 2023

Our lobby entrance security doors utilize only the highest quality, durable materials, creating a secure entrance to any office, workspace, or residential apartment complex. A variety of luxurious finishes and designs are available, custom designed, and delivered to you. Whether you are looking for a traditional style or something more contemporary, you will be protected at all times with a safe and beautiful Armored lobby door.

Made entirely from steel and encased with water resistant engineered wood panels, our lobby doors have the longest life span and will deliver both longevity and practicality due to the inclusion of heavy-duty hinges, commercial application locks, and robust door closers that always ensure the doors are closed and secure at all times.

One of the features we’re most proud of in our security doors is the advanced multipoint locking system ensuring additional safety for any building. This solution also comes with a specialized manganese plate providing additional protection against drilling.

Sourcing the highest quality locks available in the market today, Armored Doors offers a wide range of lock installations, including biometric and electronic locks. With the option to choose motorized or manually operated locks, plus many other key options, Armored Doors are designed to offer ease of use combined with the highest level of security.

If you are replacing a current set of doors already installed in the property, our system can also be adapted to work with existing intercoms to ensure fast, seamless, and smooth operation for residents or occupants.

Armored Doors is able to supply lobby doors of any style, height or design, giving residents and landlords maximum peace of mind. Our superior craftsmanship means that your lobby door is designed to be identical to the style you require, whether your door is a replica or a custom design.

Don’t neglect the side or back entrance

While it may not be the focal point of the building, choosing a side or back entrance door matters. Your side or back security door is crucial in securing all points of entry into the apartment complex, reducing vulnerability, and ensuring the safety of all residents.

Moreover, every solution in our lobby security door range has options for different budgets, which means that every customer can find the right product for the amount that they are willing to spend, all without sacrificing quality and security. Whether it’s the most basic set of doors or top-of-the-line models featuring more glamorous materials and luxurious finishes, we can assure you that everyone will find what they are looking for within our solutions.

If you are searching for a set of secure lobby doors, be sure to contact the Armored Doors team and get professional advice as well as suggestions on the best possible doors for your situation.
Call us at 855-223-2069 or email us at info@armored-doors.com