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Custom-built Bulletproof Doors & Windows

September 8, 2022

Just because a door is a bulletproof security door does not mean that door must look like it is one of those unpleasantly looking doors, quite the opposite.

When it comes down to incorporating the best ballistic protection for a residential or commercial property, we have the expertise and world-class solutions to match.

Beyond forced entry security options, we also offer ballistic packages for the Armadillo Series that cover handguns or rifles:

Armadillo Premium:

Armadillo Supreme:

All doors come pre-hung in a steel frame with multipoint locks and hardware and can be installed by a general contractor. They are available as interior or exterior doors, making them usable as any door in the home or office.

And there is no compromise on design with any of our bulletproof doors. Not only do they look great, but they will also provide the protection you need.

Along with our extensive range of bulletproof doors, we design and manufacture custom-tailored bulletproof windows for residential and commercial properties. We offer the broadest range of bulletproof windows available in the market today, from historical replicas to modern designs. Specify a single or double-hung sash or casement window, Armored Doors has got your back. Bulletproof windows feature the design benefits of a wooden window, plus the many benefits of a ballistic steel window, which include burglary and bullet resistance, noise reduction, thermal, water, and wind insulation.

Working with some of the world’s leading security glazing companies, we can offer an unrivaled range of tried & tested products that meet the very latest international security standards.

These unique high-security windows can be modified to meet the precise requirements of your project in terms of size, shape, or security grade. Every window we produce is integrated with a multipoint locking system and it has the same heavy-duty steel frame as our doors, giving you the security you require without compromising on beauty and design.

Beyond the options for window designs, our glass is also custom-made. Not only are there many design options, from etched to frosted or corrugated glass, but we offer several different security grades:

BR4 / Level 3 (handgun resistant)

BR6 / Level 8 (rifle resistant)

Suitable for any architectural project, bulletproof glazing is available in a wide range of different sizes to suit the aperture.

Offering the highest levels of protection, and remarkable optics, bulletproof options also include anti-reflection, self-cleaning and low UV transmittance to protect people and decor from sunlight. Specifically engineered to resist a ballistic attack, this bullet-resistant glass is made using several layers of glass, each of which is bonded together for incredible strength.

To arrange a free project consultation for bulletproof doors and windows, please don’t hesitate to contact us – Call: 855 223 2069; Email: info@armored-doors.com