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Turn Any Existing Room into a DIY Safe Room

July 5, 2022

With concern over gun violence and crime increasing today, families and business owners want to provide protection for their loved ones and employees. Safe Rooms, also known as panic rooms, manufactured using Armored Doors bulletproof steel panels offer safety and security in your home or business in the event of an attack or other threat.


Cost-effective and highly efficient, our safe room panels can be retrofitted into any home or commercial property to provide a high level of protection and security, virtually any room can become a retreat from intruders.


Custom safe rooms can provide safety for your family during a home invasion, terror attack, or civil unrest. These emergency rooms should be stocked with survival essentials and communication devices, additionally, a video monitor that shows all activity outside the door and in the house is a worthwhile investment.


Combine that with a set of Armadillo Series internal steel security doors and you have yourself an unmatched security solution inside your home that acts as a sanctuary against any potential threat.


Being equipped with added protection for you and your family is something of default, and investing in a safe room will afford you the inner peace knowing that you and your loved ones have a safe haven to go to at any given moment.

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