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Ultimate Security for Commercial & Retail Properties

October 28, 2022

Exterior security doors are not only going to be the main way in and out for your customers and employees, but they’re also going to turn your storefront from a point of entry into a line of defense.

Our expertly crafted custom security doors provide unparalleled strength while being offered in various designs and styles. Our beautiful styles cater to any design brief, from historical buildings to new builds. Our designs are manufactured to exact standards and of the highest quality. Choose panels of glass to allow natural light into your commercial property, then add sleek hardware to complement your storefront aesthetic. With a variety of color options to choose from, you will be sure to find a door that is perfect for your space.

Apart from door aesthetics, a commercial security door is also a key component of your storefront’s security. As far as commercial door needs go, Armadillo Series steel security doors are much more durable and secure than their standard counterparts. Not only will they be able to protect you from burglary attempts, but they can also provide safety during unpredictable weather events.

Along with forced entry ratings, we offer ballistic packages too, that cover powerful handguns and rifles.

In addition to reinforcing the building itself, security doors are a great way to improve internal security. They are equally well-suited for walk-in safes, stock rooms, or any other room that requires security. Armored Doors are designed with determined intruders in mind and are perfect for higher-risk businesses.

Custom Security Doors

The bottom line is that Armored Doors are ideal for commercial and retail environments, offering the ultimate security solution that also matches your design surroundings. Our commercial doors, built from the highest quality durable materials, are built to last.

For a free consultation to discuss your business security needs, please call us at 855-223-2069 or email us at info@armored-doors.com