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Liquid Metal Finishes on Doors

November 30, 2022

Looking for something a little bit different from the norm for your home renovation or new build project? How about adding a touch of luxury and chic to your home with our new range of custom liquid metal door finishes and designs for our high-security door range?

Suitable for both external and internal use, we are now able to offer a huge collection of finishes in a wide variety of different textures and colors ranging from beautifully aged bronzes and other metals, marble, ray or crocodile skin effect, faux fabrics, leaves, and even abstract work.

With such a broad selection of finishes to choose from, these luxurious, custom coatings will enable you to create your very own spaces and interiors by adding a truly personal touch to the metal doors in your property. The products can also be used on a huge range of surfaces and materials such as sheet metals, wood, MDF, and glass. So, the only limit to creativity is your imagination!

Liquid metal door finishing is a process where real metal is sprayed on any base substrate at an ambient temperature, forming a thin metal layer of 1/32” to 1/16”. This green technology enables one to create textures in metal like never before. Depending on the design, the thickness of the metal layer can go up to 1/4” and can be applied to flat as well as curved surfaces.

This innovation has enabled architects and interior designers alike to create and curate one-of-a-kind metal designs for their clients, thus adding to the wow factor of any project.

Liquid metal finishes are manufactured using a water-based technology, making them sustainable and user-friendly. The finishes are sealed with protective coatings which make them water-resistant, fire-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They have the possibility of seamless applications and superior cleanability. The liquid metal finishes are also non-hazardous, crack-resistant, and have high flexural strength.

Get the look and finish you’ve always wanted for your new security door. Call our team today for more details at 855 223 2069.